Application Terms

Contempo Design + Communications and JumpStart are pleased to invite you to apply to receive an investment from the FES Fund Initiative, started this year by three women interested in supporting female entrepreneurs. The investment will be made in the form of convertible debt of up to $20,000. The loan will have a maturity date of 5 years from the date of funding, with interest and principal payments structured to match the cash flows of your business. The loan also has features which allow it to be converted into equity in your business.

To be eligible, your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Female-owned (51% or greater)
  • Located in Northeast Ohio
  • Structured as LLC, C-Corp or S-Corp
  • Generating revenue with enough cash flow to repay the loan
  • Available to pitch to investors in person in Cleveland between May 1 and May 15, 2019.

Investors will evaluate pitches and select the opportunity they believe will generate the greatest return on investment. The specific terms of the convertible note will be negotiated between the selected company and the investors directly.



JumpStart Personnel and FES Fund Initiative investors will need to become familiar with your business and financial status.

JumpStart will treat this information carefully and confidentially and will share publicly only when aggregated with other clients (unless you have previously made the information public). As part of JumpStart’s normal collaborative work, the organization will share information with its partner organizations only if it believes it will benefit you and your business. Advice and opinions given by JumpStart to you and your company are intended solely for your benefit. JumpStart disclaims and you waive all warranties related to the assistance it provides to you. Neither JumpStart nor its directors, officers or employees shall be liable to you for damages, including, without limitation, loss of profit or business opportunity.



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